Little Angels touch the hearts of South Africans

Johannesburg, September 23: The Little Angels of Korea touched the hearts of the South African War veterans and all others that attended their splendid performance at 19.30 in the Sandton Convention Centre. Read more


"These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world."



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European Peace Tour successfully ends in Germany

Berlin, Germany, Monday, 16th of May 2011

At 10: 45am True Parents and the True Family landed at Berlin Schönefeld to be greeted on the tarmac by European and German leaders and two of the Little Angels who presented flowers to them. As they drove away 36 Little Angels greeted them, waving Korean and German flags. Dr. Bo Hi Park had helped us to prepare an uplifting welcome which brought big smiles to their faces.

True Parents stayed in the historic Adlon Hotel, right beside the iconic Brandenburg Gate, the symbol of German reunification and the end of the Cold War. When we rode up in the elevator to the fifth floor, tears of joy came to our eyes when we saw True Parents. After twelve years of struggle against the Schengen ban finally our True Parents are back in Berlin!

Father Moon

That same afternoon and evening True Father did not rest, he constantly talked with several of the Korean elders right through to 4:15 am the following morning without a break.

Tuesday, 17th May

Only a few minutes later, True Parents celebrated Ahn Shi Il and the following Hoon Dok Hae lasted several hours, ending with beautiful singing by members of the True Family and Korean elders. True Mother sang Glory, Glory Hallelujah. True Father became so inspired and then started to sing and dance himself. We felt so much peace and love; all the stress of the last days was gone.

We had ordered a big VIP bus and had prepared a professional tour guide and Ye Jin Nim, her daughter Shin Hwa Nim together with Alexander and elder Yeon Ah Nim joined the sight seeing. This was a big Blessing for many of our second generation and especially for STF members, who joined our tour. We had a beautiful boat trip through Berlin and could share deeply with the True Children.
Late that afternoon President Song received the confirmation that True Parents would join the performance of the Little Angels scheduled at the Berlin Tempodrom later that evening. True Parents were greeted by the Ambassador of Korea and by Alfred Moisiu, the former Albanian President who spoke at the launch of Father’s autobiography in Korea. The Hall was completely full. More than three thousand people had filled every seat. Big screens were installed, so that everybody was able to see the wonderful performance of the Little Angels.

The Messiah, the True Parent of Humankind, together with thousands of German guests, greatly enjoyed the performance of the Little Angels. Even in the break time True Father stayed in the hall on his seat. This was one of the most beautiful moments. Father was smiling so much and his face was shining. He invited us to take pictures with him and the lucky ones who were close got a beautiful picture with True Father.

At the end of the performance Dr. Pak welcomed True Parents on to the stage. Another part of our dream became reality. Thousands of Berliners could see True Parents and were deeply moved. True Father, at 92 years, was looking full of energy! Many people expressed their astonishment upon seeing Father. Dr. Park emphasized strongly how wonderful it was to have True Father, the founder of the Little Angels, present for this first stop on their current world tour .
The 17th of May is a very special day. It was exactly on this day 57 years ago that Germany opened a hospital in Pusan, which not only served the medical needs of the Korean people at a time of great need , but also trained Korean nurses.

Wednesday 18th May

Many brothers and sisters gathered this morning for HDH at the end of which Hyung Jin Nim sang a beautiful version of
Amazing Grace to which he added his own composition.
Although the weather had been cloudy for the previous two days, on Wednesday the sun was shining a warm welcome to True Parents as they left the hotel and walked directly to the Brandenburg Gate. This was the moment for which we had been waiting for so many years. True Father and the True Family walked through Brandenburg Gate, the symbol of the German unity and the end of the Cold War. In 1965 and 1981, True Father prayed for German unity on the western side of the Gate and now he could freely go through. We shouted cheers of mansei and took many pictures to capture this meaningful event. Just at this moment, an STF team came by and could take pictures with the True Family. It seemed to be heavenly planning.

Our next stop was at the beautiful Charlottenburg Castle built in the 16th and 17th centuries. True Parents like nature and so we went to the beautiful park behind the castle. It was a touching moment when Hyung Jin Nim picked some flowers for his father. True Mother was very interested in the castle as she looked at a guide book which showed the magnificent interior.

In the coffee shop, Christian Seeburger had a chance to explain to True Father about Seilo; the company True Father had started exactly 30 years ago in Germany.
The next stop was at a restaurant offering a typical Berlin menu. Since it took some time till the food was served, I had a good chance to express our gratitude to True Parents for coming to Berlin, explaining that all brothers and sisters had longed to see this day. There we had another big blessing. In Jin Nim had just arrived together with two sons from the US and they joined the True Family for lunch.
The time of the Founder’s Address was coming closer and closer. The urgent concern was whether we could fill the Tempodrom with over 2500 seats for a second day. Well, we did it! More than 2700 people came, counted by the security people of the Tempodrom. This was a total success! Over 500 guests came from Berlin! Thank you brothers and sisters from Europe and Germany!

We started the program 20 minutes earlier than originally scheduled. Our pre-program kicked off with a performance by a second generation band from Düsseldorf which was followed by the German Choir which created a wonderful atmosphere. Next came a beautiful Interfaith Water Ceremony conducted by representatives of four major religions. Dr. Achim Rohde, former President of the German state Nordrhein Westfalen, expressed his own longing for this day when Rev. Moon could come again to Germany. His welcoming remarks were followed by the former President of Albania, who expressed his deep appreciation to True Father.

Hyung Jin Nim gave some remarks which were very helpful in preparing the audience for True Father’s Address. When True Parents finally came on stage, they were welcomed by tumultuous applause. True Father spoke with full power and authority. He even challenged Germany to change the colours of her flag. “I am not here as just a guest passing by so please write these words in your heart.”

“In the past Germany opposed me – through the Schengen Treaty – but a 15 page decision by the supreme court reversed that – if I am not able to come here you will not be able to live well!“
Many of our guests expressed their amazement after hearing such a powerful message. Almost all the guests stayed for the entire speech. It felt as if Father was cleaning up the atmosphere in Germany. Father, you gave everything that evening - we thank you so much!
We organized over 2000 headsets and six translators to translate into English, German, French, Czech, Polish and Dutch. Special thanks to all translators, especially to Tim Elder, for doing an excellent job.

At the end, there was a standing ovation as True Parents received flowers, a beautiful painting of the Brandenburg Gate and a special award, the “Peace Flame” presented by a descendant of the Habsburg royal line, representing European royal families.
Following True Father’s speech, the Little Angels performed again for one hour. It was the conclusion of a perfect evening in which we could receive God’s word, God’s love and God’s beauty.

Thursday 19th May

For the final Hoon Dok Hae meeting with the True Parents, we prepared the beautiful Grand Ballroom of the Adlon Hotel. More than 500 brothers and sisters participated to listen to Father’s final words in Germany. We could all feel his seriousness and determination to fulfil everything by 2013.

Berlin was the culmination of True Parents’ Tour in Europe, but for all of us it was a new beginning in our resolve to bring the victory in Europe through till 2013.
The victory of the Berlin event came on the foundation of the countless sacrifices of our brothers and sisters inspired by the life and example of our True Parents. We all had one goal to bring joy to True Parents in this final event and were ready to give everything. The staff of the Tempodrom, as well as the Adlon Hote, were deeply impressed by the discipline and attitude of our members. We thank you all for helping to make this historic event possible!

Little Angels singing in the Berlin Dom



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