Little Angels touch the hearts of South Africans

Johannesburg, September 23: The Little Angels of Korea touched the hearts of the South African War veterans and all others that attended their splendid performance at 19.30 in the Sandton Convention Centre. Read more


"These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world."


Reverend Moon:

Many people are trying to tell you false things, but what I tell you I have learned from God. I thought I would die, and now am talking about these things in Oslo, the home of the Nobel Peace Prize, who would do these kinds of things, I would because these things are true.

True Parents' Tour 2011,Oslo event 1st May 2011

Reflections from Steinar Murud, National Leader of the Unification Movement in Norway.

True Parents should set their eyes on Oslo, Norway, was an awesome surprise and blessing for Scandinavian Ambassadors for Peace and Unificationists. Having the Lord as a guest is a huge Blessing but also a big responsibility. True Parents visit created a victory even before they came. I have never seen our staff and volunteers work so smoothly together in any other Unification Movement project. Many rose to new heights and many went beyond their usual capacity. Everybody's united efforts, each in their own area, impressed me deeply. Nature too seemed to be on our side. The end of April is usually a cold time on our latitude, but nature made extra efforts this time to prepare,a very warm spell from three weeks before melted the Fjord and brought the trees into that glorious fresh green of spring two weeks early. Along with the budding of trees and flowers may this visit herald the budding of the Cosmic Spring,the revolution that True Parents are opening for Europe. After all, as the Bible says, even the "creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the sons of God" - it came true and the nature really responded green trees, blue sky and a shining sun. Could it be better? I don't think so.

From their landing in Oslo Airport on Saturday, True Parents shared a lot of happiness. After arriving at the hotel they remained to prepare for the main event the next day.

Their visit coincided with the UPF and WFWP European Leadership Conference taking place in the Stortinget (the Parliament) in Oslo the same weekend. Our international Chairman Hyung Jin Nim appeared in the final ELC session of Saturday addressing the 120 participants and elaborating on the role of religion,'some study and view religion with academic eyes as an outsider, viewing it as a phenomena, but religion is more than a phenomena and should not be view at a distance but rather as means for all to discover God'. The morning had seen impressive presentations on the theme 'Towards Lasting Peace in a World of Rapid Change' including top speakers form Norway's International Affairs and Peace Institutes. That same evening it was a special experience, walking in the street of Oslo surrounded by members of True Parents' Family - Hyung Jin Nim, Ye Jin Nin, and In Jin Nim walked with us for an evening meal at the Oslo Fjord.

The next morning we shared Hoon Dok Hae together in the intimacy of True Parents' hotel suite. It was a very joyful experience. After the reading True Parents asked for songs from many present culminating with True Mother and then True Parents singing while all joined in the accompanying dance.

The Main Event, Sunday 1st May in the Bristol Hotel, Oslo.

The Bristol Hotel combined the style of old world Oslo with the elegance of a beautifully prepared function hall filled to overflowing with a dynamic mixture of young and old from all over Scandinavia and even from further afield as Father and Mother Moon's Tour draws attention from all over Europe. The hotel had never seen such a crowd before with some seven hundred in eager attendance

Songs by Torhild Nigar and the Lorentzen Family provided a warmth and beauty which readied the audience for the spiritual feast ahead.

Dr Thomas Walsh, UPF's International President guided us through the moving unity in prayer expressed by Buddhist, Hindu, Moslem, Christian and Sikh representatives.

Major Nils Steen Egelien, President of the Norwegian Korean War Veterans, who directly participated in the Korean War spoke touchingly of his love for Korea, it's people and it's culture and of the phoenix like life of Rev. Moon.

Dr. Wim van Eekelen (former Dutch Defence Minister) placed Father Moon's UPF work in the context of European efforts to make peace after the devastation of two world wars, through changing the context and understanding others.

All led us beautifully to Dr. Hyung Jin Moon's moving testimony to his parents' love and dedication for the liberation of God and Humanity in their role as the True Parents of Heaven Earth and Humankind.

Father and Mother came to the stage to rapturous applause.

Surveying the audience from the podium Father sheltered his eyes from the lights and noted the presence of many young people: 'We (older people) know what it is like to be young, we must not forget what it is like to be young!'

Father's Proclamation was passionately delivered and peppered with interesting extemporaneous remarks.

'I am over 90 years old, why should I come all the way to Norway? Because I know what I'm talking about, I was taught by God, and have the responsibility to teach to the world. I can't bear to keep it to myself. I need to teach the world. People who pray know what I am talking about.'

'Korea has moved beyond the level of Spain and is now the 13th largest economy in the world. Who assisted this? Not just Koreans, it was God who allowed Korea to advance to that level. God has established Korea as the place where I could appear. Thousands of times I could have died, but I survived, the God of the night led me through.'

'Are you confident? What kind of confidence? You don't know God or the nature and existence of the spirit world, you have to know God's will. You don't know the time we are living in, but this significant time is drawing near.'

Referring to the many volumes and various anthologies of his teachings, Father Moon urged us to study them: 'Your property, honour, glory these textbooks are more valuable than all of these!' Many people are trying to tell you false things, but what I tell you I have learned from God. I thought I would die, and now am talking about these things in Oslo, the home of the Nobel Peace Prize, who would do these kinds of things, I would because these things are true.

' 'There is no other chance, no other choice, we must understand the heart of heaven. Please pray about this and you will come to understand what I am talking about. In Nepal, seven thousand people passed the Original Divine Principle Test. Now Norway should also teach the Original Divine Principle in kindergarten, junior school, middle school, high school, university, at different levels, these are words that will educate the world.

Just as the Founder's Address concluded Mother appeared on stage to join Father in receiving flowers and a gift presented by Scandinavian Ambassadors for Peace among them Pal Arne Davidsen (Foreign Affairs Adviser to the Progress Party), who had helped us so much in the Parliament the day before and Hon. Marion Pedersen, Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Danish Parliament fresh back from a trip to Bolivia..

Below is a more detailed account of some of the profound contributions made by the speakers and responses from the distinguished audience.

Summary of Congratulatory Remarks

Mayor Nils Steen Egelien, President Norwegian Korean War Veterans' Association.

First of all I love Korea. As a young man of 20, I served in the Norwegian Army Hospital in Korea, during the Korean War. Even though 60 years have gone since that time, the experiences during that period made an unforgettable impression on me. I came in contact with a culture which I learned to respect deeply. And I met people that expressed their gratitude more than anybody. The miracle that Korea has accomplished in the time that has gone, is not by coincidence, but can be explained by the greatness of the Korean people.

Secondly, many years later I came to learn about Reverend Sun Myung Moon and his work for world peace. I have come to know later that Reverend Moon was a prisoner at that time, in a North Korean Labour Camp and only managed to escape after the intervention of UN forces. It is fascinating that I am now standing here in Norway, and giving a greeting to the man that was freed by the UN forces in Korea, that I was a part of 60 years ago. Like Korea has been a phoenix, going from literal ashes to become a leading nation in the world, Rev Moon has been a phoenix in his life, rising from misery to become an influential world leader. Due to his unstoppable and uncompromising efforts for global peace, he has run into much opposition. His direct and clear words, regardless of regime or external circumstances, stirred up problems. But he had the courage to speak whether it was under time of Japan's occupation, in communist North Korea or in the United States.

Every single time he ran into trouble he came out of it victoriously. The charges against him proved false, his enemies vanished and he rose like a phoenix. The strategy to advance in his quest for world peace, was not by force or material means, but by offering service - often to the degree that his enemies turned around and became his friends and allies. Rev. Moon's strength, is his quality to live a godly life, regardless of circumstances. He has proved it again and again, and it is this quality that qualifies him to stand as a unique world leader, and gives him true authority. He is coming from a tiny village in North Korea but his vision is global. Over and over he speaks about mankind as; One Family under God. When he started his mission a couple of generations ago these words were too big for many people to relate to, but he has stayed faithful to his vision. By going a course, built on realistic principles and values, he has made remarkable progress.

His words are not only words, but they reflect his life, and stand as an example for all of us. If we all join our forces and support the work of Rev Moon, I believe the Utopia of One Family under God will surely be realized.

Dr Wim van Eeklelen (Former Minister of Defence, The Netherlands)

Ladies and gentlemen, Oslo is a city of 'peace' and Norway an active member of the UN with a great performance in peace keeping. Earlier today, my wife and I visited the Nobel Institute, this is a postcard we bought which reads 'Life's most urgent question is what are you doing for others', a quote from Martin Luther King Jnr., but who else have we heard say this again and again and again? Father Moon! Norway is not a member of the European Union, but its tradition of democracy, transparency, good governance, and NGO's in support of an active life in society are strong. Norwegian society is rules based, and these rules are established by majority voting. In Europe, we understood that we needed to end wars,and this led to European integration. We can learn from this process - there is no use attacking the problem head on - rather we should change the context and understand the other. Since being involved with UPF as a peace ambassador, I have admired their principles and balanced programmes, such as the UPF Middle East Peace Initiative. My best wishes to the Moon Family, and especially to Father and Mother Moon,theirs is a great initiative, which I support whole heartedly.

Remarks from some of the one hundred and twenty Ambassadors for Peace who had been attending the European Leadership Conference entitled 'Towards Lasting Peace in a World of Rapid Change' which took place in the Stortinget (Norwegian National Parliament) the day before and concluded with the Founder's Address: I was so happy that Father Moon spoke about the abuse of women by some men whole take many wives and that there should true love and respect between men and women.

Mrs. Ola Teresa Johnson, resident in Switzerland but originally from Sierra Leone

Distinguished Rev. Moon, They call you Father! I am happy that I could have known you. We came to see you from the Czech Republic, which is also in a deep moral, spiritual and political crisis. That is why we are so grateful to have access to your message about the family and the renewal of spirituality in our lives. I was proud to be able to write an introduction to your autobiography in the Czech language and recognize the wealth of inspiration that it offers for our lives. Once again thank you for your message which we will endeavor to convey to others.

Mrs. Eva Kanturkova - Former Member of Parliament, Writer and Journalist, dissident in the communist era

When I recently read Obama's biography I found it very boring. However reading Rev. Moon's autobiography has been a deep experience,such richness of the heart and life and so many practical details. I could not stop reading till the early hours of the morning.

Dr. Haseeb Jiryes Shehadeh - University of Helsinki, expert in Hebrew, Arabic language,

It has been a great meeting here in Oslo. The peak was surely the presence of our beloved leader Rev. Moon. His ideas will surely contribute to stopping conflict based on difference of race, religion and ethnicity. I am amazed at his energy and ability to speak for several hours as a man of 90+ years. Long live our leader Rev. Moon! Rev.


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