Little Angels touch the hearts of South Africans

Johannesburg, September 23: The Little Angels of Korea touched the hearts of the South African War veterans and all others that attended their splendid performance at 19.30 in the Sandton Convention Centre. Read more


"These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world."


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The Little Angels of Korea touch the hearts of South Africans

Johannesburg, September 23: The Little Angels of Korea touched the hearts of South African War veterans and all others that attended their splendid performance at 19.30 in the Sandton Convention Centre. This performance, which was attended by 33 Korean War Veterans and their families, was the highlight of the Little Angels visit to South Africa. Among the 1800 guests that filled the Grand Ballroom of the Convention Centre, were Ambassadors and Diplomats from more then 50 countries. The Little Angels visited South Africa as part of a worldwide tour to each of the 16 U.N. nations that sent troops to Korea in 1950. This tour is meant to thank and honour the Korean War Veterans.

The Little Angels arrived in South Africa on the 20th of September. The next day they participated in a visit to the Korean war memorial located at the Union Buildings premises in Pretoria. Among the attendees were the president of the Korean War Veterans association, Mr. Piet Visser and his wife, the South Korean Ambassador H. E. Mr. Han-soo Kim and Co-Chairman and Executive Director of the Korean War 60th Anniversary Memorial Committee Dr. Bo Hi Pak.

In his remarks Dr. Bo Hi Pak expressed the deep appreciation of the Korean people for the enormous contribution the South African army and in particular it's air force made to the liberation of South Korea.

The evening of the Little Angels performance

Already around 5 o'clock guest that came from long distances started coming in. They were welcomed by a welcoming committee consisting of Dr. Bo Hi Pak, H. E. Mr. Han-soo Kim and Mr. Piet Visser. A little bit later and it was time to enjoy a delicious dinner buffet. Guests enjoyed each others company having a wonderful meal, all in anticipation of what was to come.

By 19.30 most guest had found their seat in the Grand Ballroom and the program started with the Little Angels singing the national anthem. Everyone was already deeply moved.

During this first part of the program Mr. Piet Visser presented a painting to H. E. Mr. Han-soo Kim.

The second part of the program started with a movie about the Korean War and the devastating effect it had on the Korean people. It also explained the heroic actions of the soldiers who participated in the war and the Battle of Inchon, whereby General McArthur brilliantly reversed the communist ascendancy (which also led to Little Angels founder Rev. Sun Myung Moon's life being saved, as the forced labour death camp where he had been imprisoned was liberated).

Then the long awaited moment arrived and Dr. Bo Hi Pak took the stage to announce the performance of the Little Angels. He emphasized the purpose of the tour and the motive of the Founder of The Little Angels, Rev. Sun Myung Moon; after which everyone was transported to a fairy world of traditional Korean court and country culture.

At what seemed the end of the show, Dr. Pak again took to the stage and announced that the best was yet to come. The Little Angels marched on in dress uniforms, parading the Korean and South African flags as they stepped to a Polanaise march, which brought the guests from their chairs.

They then sang, concluding with African and other popular songs popular in South Africa. Now everyone was engulfed in deep emotion.

In conclusion, Dr. Pak called five representative veterans to the stage to receive medals honouring their service, and asked all veterans present to stand that they might be applauded


Little Angels group is a Korean children's performing arts group that spreads Korean traditional arts throughout the entire world in a goodwill mission of peace and art. They are well-known worldwide as singing and dancing angels, and as little delegations of good-will and friendship.

The group is chiefly made up of girls aged 9 to 15 whose professional level of dancing and singing has inspired audiences across the world for the past five decades. They have performed at the White House, the U.N., Buckingham Palace, and the Kremlin. They have danced and sung for 40 heads of state, made more than 500 television appearances, and presented more than 6,000 performances overall.

About the Korean War

On August 15, 1948, the Republic of Korea was established with a Constitution to guarantee its citizens equal rights, the right of individual freedom, and the right of individual happiness. Throughout the war that began on June 25, 1950, the Korean people faced very difficult and challenging circumstances. Nevertheless, their strong resolve and patriotic spirit guaranteed their national sovereignty, their freedom, and their human rights. Even after the fighting stopped, they had to overcome incredible obstacles and hardships. Today they stand as one of the strongest, most prosperous and wealthy democratic nations in the world.

The Korean people know that their survival and subsequent prosperity is nothing shy of a miracle, and they have never forgotten that if the American President Harry S. Truman had not made the decision to send American soldiers when the Korean War broke out, the Republic of Korea might not even exist today.

Following America’s initiative, 15 other U.N. member nations sent their soldiers to assist South Korea. An additional 5 nations assisted by providing medical units, and another 20 nations supplied other much-needed materials and assistance. The Korean War marked the first time in history that one nation’s freedom and independence were protected under the banner of the U.N. flag.

Together with America, 15 other nations paid a great price with their blood, sweat, and tears, many even giving their very lives. The Republic of Korea has been built on the foundation of these heroic soldiers’ sacrifices. Their precious blood still cries out from their graves today. The Korean people shall never forget the debt that they owe.

To commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the Korean War, Korea and its citizens wish to send their sincere thanks and heartfelt appreciation to each of the 16 U.N. nations. They also wish to take this opportunity to proclaim to the world that freedom and independence are very precious gifts that should never be taken for granted. Such a proclamation is their duty, their honor, and their responsibility. Truly, they wish to bow down to the spirit of those soldiers (domestic and abroad) who sacrificed and gave their lives for the cause of freedom and independence.

We are told that there are still several hundred thousand Korean War veterans living in America and across the world. Since most of them are already approaching their senior years, it is necessary to move this project forward as quickly as possible, otherwise the Korean people will lose their opportunity to offer their comfort and appreciation to them and their families. The Korean people wish to offer a tribute to all U.N. Korean War veterans, and want them to know that their sacrifices were not made in vain.

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